Busy sewing with steampunk spirit

I’ve been occupied with many projects at the same time, particularly sewing projects so I haven’t been blogging for a while.
I always liked victorian, edwardian, neo-victorian clothing so I had a lot of stand-by ideas but never turn them into reality (except my winter knee-length jacket). In addiction to this, I recently “discovered” the steampunk fashion and SURPRISE my ideas fit in this style perfectly. I think I’ve always been a steampunk wannabe and never knew it. This encourage me to pick up some of the stand-by projects.
I already made spats and I’m finishing a skirt. I’m also finishing a jacket for my boyfriend and I already have a jacket for me and some vests on the “to do list”. Have been very excited with all this. Will post some pictures later.

As for my shop, I’ve spun a shetland/silk yarn but I’m still planning what to turn it into, maybe a cowl or some cuffs. But it won’t be long until I put it in the store.


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