Back from vacations

Hello readers 🙂 welcome to 2010!

I’ve been on vacation this past weeks. Went to spend Christmas with the family in my hometown and to celebrate the New Year with friends in the capital.

Christmas was good, despite missing a family member. Had good presents 🙂 , including a BIG book of chocolate recipes (Yummy!), but strangely non of the presents were related to knitting or spinning, well, only the present I bought for myself a pair of Therapeutic Support Gloves. Oh! But later my boyfriend bought a book that I can consider to be my “bible”, this book is “Tecnologia Têxtil” (Textile Technology). It’s the piece of the puzzle that was missing! It has all of the traditional objects related with textiles as wool carders, spindles, weaving looms, everything related with the work of wool and linen, it even has the calendar for planting and working the flax. And IT’S ALL IN PORTUGUESE!!!! It’s easy to find books and information in english but not in portuguese, many times I found myself having trouble to speak of this mater in portuguese because I didn’t know the correct terms, so this was a real finding.

The New Years Eve was also great with some friends and family. This year the theme was Steampunk but unfortunately we don’t have any photos of it (D’oh!), just this one and it was taken on January 1st.

Hope you also had very nice holidays, and remember my shop it’s open again and custom orders are welcome.


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