New companion and victorian patterns

I would like to present you OLIVA my new companion/addiction, a late 70’s typewriter.

I always loved typewriters but I never had one to “play” with, until now. It’s not my writer but is almost as if it is so YEYYY! Finally I can spend some free time typewriting…. but wait! What should I write? I don’t want to just press the keys randomly because it’s fun (although I love the sound of it). So what should I do? Then I had an idea, why not organize some knitting and crochet patterns.

In this photo we can see the part of the drawing of the first pattern I written and draw. This is a victorian original pattern. As a result I have a new long term project to entertained myself with.

And if you have something you would like to see typewritten feel free to contact me 🙂


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