New wrist cuffs, the attack of the pressure cooker and a sketch

And again I have to say I don’t write as often as I wish.

I’m still working on my next cuffs, they will be black and white (cream) and I love what I have made until now.

As you may guess by looking at the photo, the creamy part is still missing, but I think they will be ready pretty soon.

The second part of this post is about pressure cookers. Ok it’s not very interesting, I just want to say I hate them. This week I had to use one and when I least expected my house was full of steam and the pressure cooker went berserk. I really thought it was going to explode in my kitchen. But then I thought “here’s a situation where goggles are handy”, so I put them on and gained courage to go to the kitchen solve the problem. And this is how my goggles saved the day 🙂

Picture of the action scene 😛 pity the photo don’t show all the smoke. (Pardon my robe but my house is very cold)

And for the last part of the post, just a sketch I made (at work – cof cof cof). Normally I don’t really like my drawings, but I think one is nice.

And that’s all for now. I’ll try to post more often.


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