Alice movie and top hats

Went to see the Alice in Wonderland movie yesterday. I can’t do a real review of it because the Alice books are some of the classics that I don’t have in my collection… yet. But just thinking of the movie, I have to say it’s wonderful, I really enjoyed it. It’s a good movie for people who like action because it’s anything but quiet, it has action from the beginning to the end.

Alice’s clothing and accessories are beautiful, especially the long jacket she wears in the end of the movie (drool). And I really admire the computer work in Stayne clothes.

In the end I just feel sorry that I couldn’t see the movie in 3D, it must be great.

Now on to the second topic of this post. This one comes with a question: why?

As a neo-victorian and steampunk fashion fan, I’ve been looking for a nice looking not too expensive top hat for a while (and NOT because of the Mad Hatter). I know you’re thinking I’m searching for a inexistent hat, but I almost find it and this is driving me crazy. This week I’m working at a Claire’s store and imagine my surprise when I saw a top hat near the Alice movie accessories, my eyes must have glowed with emotion. But this was too good to be true. When I looked better I saw it has metal diamond shaped pieces on top. Hence my question: WHY? Why would someone ruin a perfectly good top hat aaahhhh!

Guess I will continue my quest.


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