1872 Basque Vest – Part I

Yesterday I bought a Truly Victorian pattern of the “1872 Basque Vest”.

My intention is to adapt it and make a victorian style spring jacket that I can wear daily. I don’t think I will change the pattern much, but I have to see it first (will check the mail everyday in expectation for its delivery). I love the detail of the “jacket over vest” effect so I will try to emphasize this.

But I’m still undecided about the colors. I’m not a really colorful person, even in the summer I stay with my black, grey, olive green, brown, burgundy and some white. I don’t wear blue, orange or yellows. So, I don’t know, should I make this a black jacket with grey vest? It seems too heavy for spring and summer. Should I do it in brown or burgundy? Don’t know, need some ideas.

I would love if you comment this post with some ideas.


3 thoughts on “1872 Basque Vest – Part I

  1. LillysWorkshop says:

    I’d go with the brown, but it sounds like I share your taste in natural colors. I would personally not make it black because I live in Vegas and a black jacket (no matter how light) gets really hot in the desert sun!

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