Anniversary wish list

My birthday is approaching and usually I don’t ask for presents or make a big celebration, I just make a cake for family or dinner for friends. But this year I know some people are having trouble finding something to give me (maybe because secret text messages are read aloud), so I decided to make a list of 15 stuff people can give me.

  • iPod touch or iPad
  • bread maker (this one is more for my companion, I don’t eat that much bread although I like fresh made bread)
  • supplies from or
  • books (“Beginner’s Guide to Bobbin Lace“, “The Edwardian Modiste“…)
  • euromillions
  • week in somewhere over the rainbow (for 2)
  • bottle of pure joy
  • magic bag (like Mary Poppins but smaller and more organized)
  • workshop where I can keep all my stuff and work
  • job in which the paycheck is good and I can do everything I want (everyone’s dream)
  • corset (always welcome – preferably an underbust that can be used as outerwear
  • casual steampunk clothing (be careful I’m picky)
  • My own “roman villa” in the country (this should come with a gardener, an airship and a pilot)
  • time machine
  • Teleporter pocket watch (the teleporter was tempting but my pocket watch is not working properly)

Hope this helps 🙂

Aaaaa forgot to put a “ramen bowl with lid” on the list.


3 thoughts on “Anniversary wish list

  1. P says:

    sorry…. corrections on my previous comment:

    Let me be clear: iPad instead of iPod Touch. (you could buy them with the Euromillions money, eh eh).
    It’s Portugal not PortugaK… eh eh 😉

    • ladylamb says:

      I corrected the post, the numbers didn’t correspond to the order of desire. iPad is tempting but I can put the iPod in the pocket and take it everywhere.

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