Anniversary Giveaway

Hello everyone!

As you may guess from the title and from previous posts this is my birthday month. I’m not particularly in love with this date, I even call it the “cursed day”, because it’s the day you feel everything should go well and happy for you but it never does. So, this year I thought of doing something to help make things a little bit better, so I’m having this giveaway.

I’m giving a pair of black wristlets. These were made in crochet from an original early 1900’s pattern.

To participate in this giveaway you just need to say Hi! or leave other comment on this post. I will associate a number to each participant in order of comments, and the winner will be chosen using a random number generator.

Pass the word and have some fun. The winner will be announced on April 20 (no, not my birthday).


18 thoughts on “Anniversary Giveaway

  1. Rick Schneider says:

    Wow! Perhaps I will win them, as they look like something my daughter “needs.”

    I won’t wish you happy birthday, but rather peaceful passing of the month… =)

    Rick the Chaplain

  2. Emily says:

    Saw your stuff on Steampunk Empire. It’s very pretty. Good luck on your Birthday… I know exatly what you mean…

  3. Carla / Karura says:

    hey, sou eu =D
    oh, olha que é mesmo bonito =D tenho umas luvas de renda parecidas mas claro que não se compara a um belíssimo trabalho artesanal. tens mesmo muito jeitinho :3 eeheheh

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