1915 Inspired Choker

A beautiful handmade crochet choker that give a victorian touch to your outfit.
Inspired by the Victorian and Edwardian eras, this collar was made following an original 1915 edge pattern.

This particular choker was dyed with tea to give it a more antique look, and its adorned with a burgundy satin ribbon.
The crochet part measures 25cm x 5cm / 10″ x 2″

I can make this in the following colors:
Sepia (dyed with tea)
with the satin ribbon with any color you want.

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5 thoughts on “1915 Inspired Choker

    • Ana R. says:

      Sorry for my very late reply.
      This is my own pattern. I would gladly make it available but I moved country and I don’t have the pattern or the choker with me.

    • Ana R. says:

      Lo siento por la respuesta tardía. Este es mi propio patrón. Con mucho gusto lo haría disponible, pero me mudé de país y no tengo el patrón o la gargantilla conmigo. Lo siento.

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