1872 Basque vest – Part II – the puzzle

I still haven’t found a nice fabric to make the 1872 Basque Vest jacket (there aren’t many fabric stores around here) but I couldn’t resist, I had to start it. So, this weekend I draw and cut the right pattern for my measures and started doing the lining. This way I felt I was finally doing this and with the lining I can see if the measurements are correct before cutting the main fabric.

But don’t think I did this all alone I had Nina “The Evil Cat” to make things a bit harder for me. As you can see in the photo, this is her way of helping.

I couldn’t do much yesterday but today I started joining the pieces of the puzzle. Now I reach the point where I can’t do anything else without the main fabric which kind of sucks, if I had it I could finish the jacket today. But I’m still happy this pattern is wonderful and I’m loving what I have until now.


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