1872 Basque vest – Part III – The quest for the fabric

This post should be called “the quest for fabric” or ” the fabric saga”.

I have two main problems when I want to buy fabric, fist I don’t have many fabric stores (haberdasheries) near, and second, I can’t buy fabrics that cost 20€ (or more) per meter. I have searched in the only haberdashery in the town I live, but they hadn’t any good fabric/color for the jacket, so today I went to a near town to see what they got. In one of the stores the fabrics good for making the jacket were grey or cream, didn’t really liked the colors and they were expensive. On the other store they had one fabric with the perfect color but it was a warm fabric, I think I would melt if I wore it in the spring/summer. Then I saw another fabric with a burgundy color but it was too thin. Then finally I saw another! This had the right thickness and it was a nice color too so I bought it.

Above you can see a picture of it. It goes out of the plan of burgundy and brown but it was the best I could find. But This story doesn’t end here. I love the color of this fabric BUT in the shadow. Basically when I got out of the store and saw the fabric in the sun I flipped, or as we say in portuguese “ia-me dando uma coisinha má” (almost gave me a bad thing). It’s shiny in the sun! (see picture bellow)

It’s Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde! In the shadow is lovely in the sun is shiny! Shiny! But I guess I will try to use it anyway, and hope it turns out well, or else I can only wear it at night.


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