Not news… old news… news?

Hello!!! I wanted to write a new post before, but I’ve been working full time which didn’t left me much time for anything else. So what can I say now….not news…. old news…. news?

Well, my job is the same boring stuff so “not news” in there. For old news I will talk about what happened last week. I can’t understand how people is capable of doing this kind of stuff but last Wednesday someone left the cutest kitten at my front door. When I saw her I brought her home and feed her and of course “The Evil Cat Nina” didn’t appreciate this (she was so mad with me). I could see there was a problem with one of the kitty back legs but she wasn’t in any pain so I let her rest in an improvised bed I made for her. She had a nice nap and only cried for attention. She was purring so loud when I pat her. She was really REALLY cute, but she couldn’t stay with us (even if we wanted “The Evil Cat Nina” would never accept her) so later in the afternoon we left her at the vet. They will take care of her and help her find the home she deserves.

And for the news: those who are following my twitter must have noticed I said I was working on a “Secret Project”. No, I’m not telling you what it is but I will let you have a sneak peak (picture bellow). To end this post I can only say I have new wristlets and chokers designs on my mind and this week I will have more time for new items 🙂


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