LEGO for all

When I was a little girl I played with LEGO but the truth is that they were far from being my favorite toys. Non the less, I always thought they were a nice “toy” especially for adults and although it can be expensive, Lego is a nice addiction. I’m still not addicted to them but I appreciate them more so I have no problem to feed my husband addiction. Yes, he’s the AFOL in this house (AFOL – Adult Fan of Lego).

This weekend we went to the LEGO store in Évora and he bought the Green Grocer set. The end result is a lovely victorian house and yesterday we started building it. We only built the first floor but we couldn’t resist, we took Lego figures from other sets and started “playing” a little. I simply had to take pictures of it, some may be a little violent but we had so much fun 🙂

(I love the secret “top hat” negotiations)


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