The Land of the Golden Fields – My Beloved Évora

This past weekend I went to visit my family in my hometown, it was so good to see everyone and the city again. This inspired me to write about my town, Évora.

First of all, why golden fields? You can see by the title of this post and by some of my photos on flickr that I often call this the land of gold, fields of gold or golden fields. This refers not only to my hometown area but also to a big part of the Alentejo region and I call it this way because in the late spring and summer the vegetation of the field have a dry yellow/light brown color which under the light and heat of the Sun looks more like a gold color. And I can’t believe I haven’t got a nice picture of this (D’OH!). This photo is pretty bad but its the only one I got for now, don’t show exactly what I was saying.

And now let me speak a bit about Évora itself. If you like history than you’ll like Évora for here you will find traces of many eras, and I’m only referring to the old city itself, not considering what you can find on its surroundings. One of the most famous parts of the city (if not THE MOST famous) it’s the Roman Temple. This temple was built in the 1st century AD and although is not correct you may hear people calling it Templo de Diana (Diana’s Temple). It is classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and you will find it in the historical center of the city. (Photo taken by Jorel)

Near the temple you can find the Cathedral of Évora. Also a World Heritage Site, this medieval cathedral is located on the highest spot of the city. I love this fact because this way even when you’re outside the town you can se the beautiful silhouette of the cathedral.

There is still much to talk about – the Praça do Giraldo, the bone chapel… but I don’t want to overwrite this post to boredom and I think there are somethings words can’t say so I will show you more of the city just in photos, hope you like it 🙂


2 thoughts on “The Land of the Golden Fields – My Beloved Évora

  1. Margaret says:

    Ana! So beautiful and the memories! Yes, I remember the tinge of gold in those parts… ahem, and the bone chapel! Your English writing is very good (much, much better than my Portuguese)!!!

  2. ladylamb says:

    I love the bone chapel and in fact you don’t need to walk much to see bones just take a look at any excavation you see on your way. As I said in this picture (on flickr – ) Évora has so much history underneath (literally) that you may find human bones in every hole you open. 😛
    Thanks for your comment and for complimenting my English, I try not to make many mistakes although I always find some. If ever you need help with the Portuguese feel free to ask me 🙂

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