Illustração Portugueza – The New Edition

You can see on the picture that this post was to be written on June 16, sorry about that. What matters is that this is going to be a weekly theme like Steampunkery (on Mondays) but on wednesdays.

This week I’m not really prepared so I’ll just talk a bit about this theme. Here I intend to show you some old pictures and talk about some Victorian/Edwardian facts and news (period news). For this I reason I thought the best name I could give to this post was “Illustração Portugueza – The New Edition”

The Illustração Portugueza – meaning Portuguese Illustration – was a magazine that came with the newspaper “O Seculo”, being its first number from November 9, 1903. I love this magazine, it is a great source of information. One can only have a better understanding of this period by reading this kind of magazines, as they talked about everyday facts of life. And this one in particular has lots of pictures which is great!

You can find the original magazines online in here.


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