Current Project – Sewing Thread Lace Fingerless Gloves

Hi! Today I’m showing some pictures of my latest project.

When I started knitting and making crochet I used thick wool yarns. Then I started making items with thinner wool, and then I passed to cotton crochet threads. First sizes 6 and 12 (relatively thick) and then sizes 20 and 60 (very thin).

The threads were getting thinner so I knew someday I would crochet with sewing thread. Well, that day has come. I’m finally making myself some victorian inspired lace fingerless gloves with, of course, sewing thread.


11 thoughts on “Current Project – Sewing Thread Lace Fingerless Gloves

  1. MarySew says:

    have I told you that you ar freaking awesome but also freaking nuts? πŸ˜‰ that must be a LOT of work! isn’t the thread cutting into your finger while you crochet?

    • ladylamb says:

      Lol! I love these challenges, it’s when they just don’t work as I wanted that I go nuts and pissed off πŸ˜›
      About my finger, my skin is a bit thicker in the area where the thread pass because of my other crochet projects, so the thread isn’t cutting it (Fortunately!)

  2. Debra Davis says:

    Do you create your own pattern or adapt the ones that are for a thicker yarn? I have to say this is beautiful work!

    • ladylamb says:

      Thank you πŸ™‚
      I adapt patterns for thicker yarns but in this case I got tired/angry because the rest of the glove wasn’t working the way I wanted so I set this project aside. But someday I will work on it again.

      • Debra Davis says:

        LOL! I would have to completely agree with you on setting it aside when it completely ticks me off! Good luck!

  3. Jackie says:

    Hi! Your crochet looks great, so I hope that you get back to it sometime. I’ve been thinking of making some crochet butterflies using sewing cotton – have you been using it single or double?

    • Ana R. says:

      I haven’t worked with such a thin thread many times, but good light and a good hook (ergonomic) can help. One think that I notice was that because the hook was so small, I was constantly hurting my finger (left hand) so I used a band-aid on it. But I guess also has to do with the way I do crochet.
      Hope this helps

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