The Red Dress – Part I

I was trying to design a new steampunk or victorian outfit that wouldn’t be very complex, too exaggerated, or too casual.  This part was a big headache but I finally found one that I liked. Its a red/burgundy dress with a black corset. The accessories will be lace gloves, a small crochet pouch and a mini top-hat (still have to think about the necklace).

When doing the patterns I decided that it was better to separate the dress in top and skirt, this way I can wear just the top or the skirt.

Than I went in another mission: find good fabrics. This is not very easy here and I thought it would be difficult to find the right fabric for the dress itself. I was wrong. I got a beautiful fabric for the dress but I couldn’t find the right one for the corset, yet.

So, today I started cutting the fabric. I have to go to work so I won’t be sewing anything today but I made the basting stitches on the top. Basting stitches… it’s been some time since I last needed them to make a dress, but I want this to be perfect.

And this is all for now. Tomorrow morning I will be sewing everything.

Oh! And have I told you I couldn’t resist to these beauties:


4 thoughts on “The Red Dress – Part I

  1. LadyBuga says:

    Eu esqueço-me sempre que posso vir aqui comentar em vez de dizer coisas por FB :\

    Bem, o tecido está lindo!! Muito simples mas muito bonito! Já estás bastante adiantada. Compraste ontem o tecido e já tens isso feito, BOA!
    Eu queria algo com algum padrão para mim, mas não se encontra nada de jeito…

    Heheheh, não me tinha apercebido que ias levar luvas e chapéu também 🙂 Vais ficar toda janota!!

    Um manequim destes é que me dava jeito a mim também… Deve facilitar bastante! Um dia hei-de ter também 🙂

    E as botas? As botas já as tens ou ainda estás de olho nelas? Beeem, vais ficar mesmo uma brasa!!! 🙂

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