A day at the beach!

Yes! It’s true! Finally a day at the beach! 🙂

I’ll explain all the excitement. My hometown is situated in the driest region of Portugal. Nevertheless I was used to spend some days at the beach, so every year I feel necessity of having at least 1 day at the beach. But I’ve been living near the beach for almost a year now and this summer I didn’t have the opportunity to seat on the sand and swim on the sea before. I was in desperate need of sun, sand and sea water. So yesterday was the day!

And there was another thing, the last winter the beach/island where we used to go was almost destroyed completely (you can see it on the video on the end of the post). Because of this we were a bit eager to see how it was this year, and I have to say it’s strange. It looks like a completely different island but the beach is GREAT! So I’ll leave you with some pictures (photos taken by Jorel).

Note: I have an incompatibility with cameras

Video of the destruction of Fuseta, last winter


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