The Red Dress – Part II

Let me update you. As you may know I’ve been drawing, planning and making a steampunk dress for a wedding. Let me remind you that when I started all this I didn’t knew when the wedding was going to be (someday in July) and how the brides dress would be or even it’s color. I only knew that my dress should be steampunk, not exaggerated and that it couldn’t bring more attention than the bride’s dress. You can see here the chosen design and the first developments of the making of the dress.

What I know now: about 3 days ago the wedding was finally confirmed and it’s on August 1st!!!! I have finished my mini top hat, the corset, the chatelaine, hubby’s tissue and I made a mini top hat that I don’t know if the bride will want to wear. Basically this means I still have to:

  • finish the top
  • finish the skirt
  • finish hubby’s vest
  • make accessories for the bride (choker and wristlets)
  • finish my gloves (I WISH! HAH!)
  • and finish some wedding gifts

And if you think I have until August 1st you’re wrong, I have to do all this until friday. Yup, that’s right I have about 2 days and a half to all this. Now I’m going to panic a little but I let you with some pictures.


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