Back from vacation

Hello! I’m back!

From August 12 to 15 I’ve been in the medieval fair of Aljubarrota. In August 14 we celebrate a great Portuguese victory in a battle that would decide our destinies. This battle in 1385 marked our independence so this is a very important date to us. So once again me and hubby took a car full of materials and travel 370km to mark our presence along with our group (Ordem da Cavalaria do Sagrado Portugal) in this fair. Thanks to some movies people have very wrong ideas about the Medieval Period so it was a really great surprise to see that this year the visitors were very interested in learning and hearing our explanations. I’m not a person of much words but by the end of the day I was almost without voice, explaining in english, explaining in portuguese….

Here are some photos of the event (you can see more here):

Showing different kinds of fibers to kids

Finishing a dress

Getting things ready for some teaching.

Me and hubby


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