The cuffs on my needles

Just to show you what’s on my needles.

I’m trying my new 1.75mm (#00) knitting needles and loving it. I’m also following a new (old – 1843) pattern for cuffs. The original was supposed to be white and red but I love the black and white stripes.

I’m only having one problem: I can’t find a wool lace yarn to use with these needles, so I have to do this with cotton thread. It also looks nice but I prefer something a little warmer for the winter.

There are 2 ways I can solve my problem:

  1. Can someone tell me a good site to buy yarns this thin (preferably European)? Or
  2. I can spin my yarn.

I like the 2nd alternative but in order to do that well without ruining my knee I need this, which is a bit expensive for me to buy now.

Oh well. I’ll just keep using cotton for now.


One thought on “The cuffs on my needles

  1. Connie Bowes says:

    You could try tapestry yarn, I don’t know if it thin enough but it is one of the thinner yarns. Lace yarns or fine sock yarn may work as well but I have no sources for these. You might want to look on line for some of these types of yarn.

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