1872 Basque Vest – Part IV – Finally!

It was difficult to find the materials for the Basque Vest (part I and part II and part III)but finally I made it. In fact I made it a month ago but only now I took some photos with it, so here it is:

Although the pattern is not very hard to follow (I think) this is a jacket that will make you sweat. The only part of the instructions that should be different is in the beginning when it tells you to cut 2 of the center back piece. You must NOT cut 2 pieces, the center back should be just 1 piece. It would look much better without this back seam but I still like the end result very much.

I ended up making the original pattern without any alteration and although it should be worn over skirt with some volume on the back, I think it still looks nice. There’s only one thing missing. I haven’t made the cuffs for it, yet, so the sleeves may look a bit short.

These pictures were taken on Halloween. We don’t celebrate it in Portugal but I always like excuses to wear something I can’t wear at work. And this year I also made jelly with worms and vampire bites cupcakes, Yummy!


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