Knitting Nancy

Such a long time without writing, sorry, guess blogs are not my thing. I’ve been busy with a new project (I will let you know very soon), but today let me show you my new toy.

I wanted to get a knitting nancy for some time because it’s quicker to do knitted cords that way. But at the same time each time I looked at that plastic things with a face draw in it I though ” Nah!”.

And than I found it! It was love at the first sight. It´s the most simple knitting nancy I could find, just a piece of a branch with nails. Ok my first though was that hubby could do one for me, but than I saw the rest of the package. This simple log comes in a cylinder with a paper with instructions and a bit of the history of the knitting nancy, and it all looked so victorian to me. Of course after seeing this I had to buy it so here are some pictures of it.


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