People reactions to steampunk

In Portugal there aren’t many steampunks, especially in the south where I live. So it’s usual to have people looking, making comments and even laughing at you. But yesterday I got a reaction that make me laugh so much, and I’m not talking about the lady on the bus, that almost panic when I sat beside her.

First let me explain one thing so you can understand it: Trás-os-montes is a region on the north of Portugal, and a person from this region is called Transmontana but it’s still a portuguese.

Yesterday I decided to dress a bit steampunk for work, I didn’t take goggles or anything like that (it would be too much for work), I just dressed a long skirt, a white lace shirt and my 1870 basque vest. Everyone looked of course, but that’s the usual. Than a Portuguese “know-it-all, I’m always right”-minded lady asked in a joking way:

⎯ Excuse me. Can you tell me your nationality?

⎯ Portuguese… ⎯ I replied

⎯ Oh, Portuguese! I thought you were transmontana. But you belong to a folk group right?

Oh I laughed so much. Sometimes people just miss a good opportunity to shut up so they won’t make a fool of themselves. And in the end she though I was laughing because I was ashamed of myself, she didn’t even noticed the stupid thing she said.


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