Poetry about Lace

While I’m still working on my shop (among other 500 things) and there’s still not much to say, let me post 2 poems that show what I feel when I’m making lace. I found both on Lacefairy. Hope you like them, I know other lacemakers will identify with them as well.


Guide my hands with speed and grace
To weave the intricacies of this lace.
Let the bobbins weave with ease
To create a pattern that will please.

Let there be Love in its creation
And give it Artistry in its inspiration.
May special Care keep the threads from breaking
And give me Energy for its making.

Allow this lace to bring joy and pleasure
And give to others a lifelong treasure.

Why I Like To Make Lace 
by Noelene in Cooma

In today’s busy world 
Where life is one rush 
And it seems to me speed is the norm. 
When people can’t stop 
To hear a bird sing 
Or thrill to a thundery storm –

In a quiet little nook 
Just my own little space 
I like to make time that’s just mine – 
With pillow and thread 
And pattern all pricked 
And bobbins all neatly in line.

There’s something so good 
To place thread over thread 
And slowly see lines making sense 
To cross and to twist 
And to put up a pin 
And forget all about feeling tense

So when pressure is on 
I retire from the world 
Leaving troubles behind in my wake 
To create something of beauty 
So calming and quiet 
And marvel at what I can make


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