Updates and sneak peek photos

Yes! The title is true! This time I have something to show you!

First of all, I finally have the new wools with me, yeyy! They have arrived almost a week ago but I didn’t have the opportunity to go get them at the post office. The waiting was awful, especially because I knew they were so near. The yarns are 100% wool or a mix of wool with a bit of silk. I was expecting the colors to be a little darker, the pictures on the website are darker than the real colors, but it’s fiber for a fiber addict so I’m drooling anyway.

I’m just a bit disappointed with what I thought it would be brown. It has a lovely color but in this case I needed a brown yarn so I think I will design a different pattern for this wool. Don’t know, still have to think about it.

As for the new items, I can’t show everything, or it won’t be fun when I reopen the shop but here are two sneak peek photos. The first is a new victorian inspired pattern for lace fingerless gloves.

The second photo is a pair of Pirate Octopus inspired hand warmers (unfinished). I find Pirate Octopus (PO) very cute so I’m preparing a PO winter collection.

That’s all for now. Hope I can show you more sneak peek photos soon.


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