Henna/Indigo experience

I used to dye my hair with chemical dyes which ruined my hair tips, so, after reading about henna and indigo I decided to give it a try. You can find information on the Hennaforhair website. You should know which henna to buy, that henna is permanent, and that you can’t bleach your hair after henna/indigo among other things, that’s why I recommend you to inform yourself before buying any henna. See if it is really what you’re looking for.

In my case, I always end up dyeing my hair black, and I never wanted to bleach my hair, even when I used to dye it red.

So, the “adventure” took place last friday. I was alone at home but I decided I couldn’t wait any longer (if you have anyone to help I bet it’s a much easier process).

The first step was to apply the henna that has been prepared the previous night. It’s not easy to apply that paste in your hair, especially if you have long hair, I’m glad I filled the bathroom with newspapers. I have to say I was very nervous, nervous I couldn’t spread the henna well and NERVOUS because I really didn’t know if I could comb my hair after it form such a nest. I kept thinking: “I don’t want to cut my hair short!!!”.

After putting the henna I wrap it all up and left it for 3 1/2 hours, and then the slow process of trying to clean the hair. I was so happy to find that the “nest” wasn’t that bad.

You can see in the picture how the hair looked like after this first step. My hair is naturaly dark brown, so it just got a red shine, but the bottom of my hair had been died (months ago) with red chemical dye, so it looked really red after henna.

After my hair was dry it was time for the second part of the process, indigo. I thought applying the henna was tricky and messy, but indigo was worse. If it weren’t for the newspaper my floor was full of blue spots right now. And again, I had a “nest” on my head. By this time I was cursing it all but I was patient, I let the indigo for to hours and then clean it all.

I felt my hair coarse and dry, but everything you read about dying with henna/indigo tells that’s you’ll see the real results after 3 days, so I waited. I was happy with the color but not with how coarse my hair felt. Finally the 3 days passed and I can say I’m very pleased. Not only is my hair black but it’s very shiny and soft again. So, although it’s a messy and tricky process I think I’ll keep using it instead of chemical dyes.


2 thoughts on “Henna/Indigo experience

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