Sunday Picnic

I’ve been wanting to make a picnic with hubby for some months but until now there was always something that didn’t let us do it. But we finally manage it! We took the day just for ourselves and went far from everything. I tried to make a Victorian inspired picnic, so I made some sandwiches and a cake based on Victorian picnic recipes and made lemonade (malva lemonade because I couldn’t find lavender).

It was so quiet and nice, the sun was hot but the wind was fresh.

We put the towel and food near a small pond of a dry stream. It felt so nice to be in the nature again, we could hear the birds, we were lucky to see a fox or a mongoose (it was too quick hiding, we didn’t have time to identify what it was), and the pond was full of frogs. Oh the joy! I bet you wouldn’t guess by my blogs or flickr but I studied biology and my Master ‘s thesis was about amphibians. I love frogs. So, after we ate, hubby got some branches to make a small fence for our backyard and I just had to catch a frog.

It was a very nice picnic 🙂

Looking for frogs


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