FOs, WIPs and UFOs

Since this is my first post with this title (I will try to make it a regular thing) let me explain it. If you are familiar with knitting forums and podcasts you may know the terms Fo, WIP and UFO (and HO) but if you are a new knitter you may be asking: “Why is she talking about UFOs? Is this a blog about little green men now?”

The answer is no, it’s not about little green men. In this case, all these terms apply to your knitted/crochet objects. FO – is a finished object; WIP is a work in progress; if you are approximately in the middle of a WIP you can even say it’s a HO – half object. and finally the UFO is that unfinished project that you set aside for some reason.

This week I have a HO and a FO. The HO is my cotton Piano gloves. I already have one glove and the pattern is almost ready. I just need to finish the other glove so I can take some photos for the pattern.

The FO is the Glam Shells shawl by Marisa Hernandez. I made it for myself so I used knitPicks black glossy lace yarn and 4mm circular needles. This is a very easy pattern to follow and a quick project. I have used it over my back just to warm my shoulders a little bit or as a scarf. The only thing I would like better is that the edge would keep the pointy tips, but still it’s a very nice shawl. (the photos were taken with iPod so sorry about the quality).


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