Kitty sweater

So, what are the news for this week?

The Piano Gloves (pattern and gloves) are still a work in progress. But I have a new WIP! Besides the Piano Gloves I’m writing the pattern for some holidays fingerless gloves. I think I finally got the pattern like I wanted. Now I have to make more gloves, take some photos and write the pattern correctly.

And I have a FO! I made a sweater for my cat. I had to adjust the pattern because I used a thicker yarn than the one recommended, and at the back of the sweater I knitted “Evil Cat Nina”. My cat don’t even like to wear a collar so I’m not expecting her to use it much but the first impression was much better than I expected. She didn’t try to remove the sweater, she was just walking crouched, as if she was in stealth mode 😛

And the last news for this week, and I think I can consider it a WIP… tcham tcham tcham tcham! suspense! I’m teaching hubby to knit. Yup that’s right! He wanted a Ravenclaw scarf for this winter but I’m always occupied with other projects so he decided he would make it himself. So, I taught him the purl and knit stitch and now his doing his own scarf. He’s finally understanding when I say “let me just finish this row”. 🙂


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