Hogwarts scarves and tatting

These last weeks have been stressful at work and that reflects at home, where I just do some random small things and don’t work on what I should. Still, I finished one of hubby’s socks. This was on the needles since last year so I feel good about it.

Hubby is still working on his Ravenclaw scarf which is almost finished. I believe he knitted more this week than I did 😛   He’s now saying “This is Ravenclaw pride! I’m knitting my own scarf”. I couldn’t let him go with that, so now I’m saying “Hah! This is Slytherin pride! I’m spinning the wool to knit my own scarf.” That’s right, I bought some wool to spin for my scarf. I’m going to try to spin a 1 ply worsted weight yarn and I’m thinking about knitting a hooded scarf.

I also took this chance to buy a blend of fiber I’ve wanted for a long time. It’s a mix of black merino, red merino wool and white flax. This will be fun to work with 🙂

The big news is that I finally learned tatting. well, not shuttle tatting but needle tatting. I’m still learning but it has been nice to play a little with it.

And since it’s November I let you with a link that inspired my poppy hair elastic for Remembrance Day.


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