News and FOs, WIPs and UFOs

Well this has been a stressful week!

Along with other stuff, our computer (hubbys computer to say the truth) just died. We are still waiting to know if there is any salvation but most likely there won’t be any, or it will be too expensive. Knowing this and that it’s almost a year since  my computer died, I decided to buy a new one. This time it’s not an Apple like my old one (and like I wanted) but for the moment we have other money priorities. Unfortunately this brought us to another problem. The external disk where we have our backups is formatted for Macs so now I can’t recover my files directly to this computer.

But it’s the Holidays Season and I’m sure everything will be fine so lets talk about something better.

Hubby just finished his scarf. It ended up looking great and it’s warm and soft. And now he understands when I say it’s difficult to watch series or movies without doing anything. He understands this so well that he started knitting a blanket for our cat 🙂

Ravenclaw Scarf

As for my scarf, the progress is very very slow. I have to give priority to Saturnalia and Christmas so I’ve been tatting little snowflakes to put on the presents and I’ve been spinning some wool so we can start other projects. And I also need to work more on some socks :S too much on the to do list.

I think this is it for now. I’ll show you more pictures next time.


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