Crafty Corner – Wrapping Presents

At the shop where I work I have to warp presents all the time, and in December it even seems that is the only thing I do all day. And you know how shop paper is, dull and usually with the brand, saying to everyone: “Hey look I’m a book”, “Hey look I’m a t-shirt” or something like that.

At home, most of the people buy a normal Christmas wrapping paper. Some can be pretty, and you don’t have much work with wrapping, but still, they can be a bit dull and don’t show much imagination.

But we crafty people don’t like things the easy way. We know that the wrapping won’t last long, but we still feel the need of doing something different. That’s why this “Crafty Corner” is about wrapping. There are some simple ideas you can use to make your gifts more special.

Idea 1:

You can do a Topographic Gift Wrap. You have some work cutting all the letters but your gift will look great. The materials for doing this are very easy to find, you just need: craft paper, old newspapers or a used book, a utility knife, scissors, a pencil and alphabet templates.

If you want to be more original you can even design your own alphabet templates.

Idea 2:

Another idea is to make a Woven Gift Wrap. You just need some plain wrapping paper or craft paper and some colored stripes. For these you can buy quilting stripes or you can cut   them out of colored paper.

As for my gifts, I had a different idea but I haven’t wrapped anything yet. I will show it to you on a next post. Let me just tell you that you’ll need to know some tatting. 🙂


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