Io Saturnalia!!!

This week is Saturnalia. If you don’t know what that is, it’s an ancient Roman festival. You can read more about it in NovaRoma. But to let you with an idea of part of what was done during the 7 days of Saturnalia I quote:

“The biggest part of Saturnalia was attitude more than decoration. Feasting, drunkenness, merrymaking, hopefully the conception of more children (or at least enjoying those activities which led to conception!), pranks, gift giving, role reversals (not true ones, only symbolic ones – slaves weren’t really free to make a freedman’s decisions and anything they did or decreed would reverse at the end of Saturnalia, children weren’t really adults and could not enter into any binding contracts or make business deals, etc.) and so forth.” in NovaRoma

At our house we usually burn some incense and candles, change gifts and make a big dinner if possible with Classic dishes. This year, hubby gave me a Slytherin pouch made by him and since my gift for him hasn’t arrived yet I’m compensating with a small gift each day. Yesterday I gave him an illustration I made, today we are going to see the Hobbit, and let’s see what the next days will bring 🙂

For dinner we will have the already traditional apa (a Roman bread), and 3 recipes from The Classical Cookbook:

  • Olive Relish – a sauce of olives and spices
  • Moretum – garlic cheese (with lots and lots of garlic)
  • Salt Meat Stew

Tomorrow I will try to post some pictures, including the photos of my gift wrapping. Until then: Io Saturnalia! or Happy Holidays 🙂



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