A year of changes

Hello again. Finally a new post. But still this isn’t a post showing new projects.

Since the beginning of the year I said this would be a year of changes, and until now I was right. Many changes approaches and although I don’t want to talk about the biggest change for now, I can talk about the little (or not so little) changes.

1st – I really need to get in shape and be more energetic so I started “running” (mostly walking for now 😛 ). Today was the second day of training and the first with the program C25K. I’m waaayyy out of shape but it went much better than I expected and until now it seems a good program for me. Now let’s see if I can keep up 🙂

2nd – and this a little change in our lives but at the  same time a big step… Me and hubby are finally signing the papers… or should I say: me and my fiancé are getting legally married. We want to keep things simple so there won’t be a big party, just a lunch with a few people (I hope). Instead of a dress I got a simple blouse and skirt and I’m making the cake topper (that’s the fun part). I also want to make some lace gloves to wear, so there should be a new pattern soon.

For now that’s it. There will be a big change later this year but I’m not going to talk about it yet and for those of you wondering: there’s no baby on the way 🙂


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