Daily workout for crafters

This post has nothing to do with crafts but still, it may be interesting for crafters.

I have a job that occupies all my afternoon and evening leaving me with only a few hours in the morning to do other stuff. I didn’t have time for everything so one of the things that was always being left behind was my own health and well-being. With this I mean that for years I haven’t done any kind of workout.

Fortunately I don’t eat that much so I manage to maintain my weight but that doesn’t mean I was in shape. In fact, in the last year I noticed that I didn’t had energy for anything, I lost strength and  if I ran for 1 minute my lungs would come out of my chest. So this month I decided that I was going to do something about that.

I started to go to bed as soon as I could (I got home from work at 11:20 p.m.) and get up early in the morning  to gain 1 hour and get moving. My plan is to run 3 days a week and between these do other exercises. Since I don’t have a personal trainer to keep me on track I’ve been using some apps on my iPod touch, that can really help.

For the run part I searched for apps that could make me go from a “couch potato” to a 5k runner, and for this I tried C25K and “Zombies Run 5k“. My favourite it’s definitely Zombies Run. Not only because it’s a softer beginning than C25K and I’m a bad case of couch potato but also because you get involved in a story, and when you hear the zombies you really want to run 🙂  Another app I’ve been using for running is the Nike +. I don’t use this to guide me but only to register the distance I made and how fast I was walking/running, Just to keep track and see my evolution in the future.

For the other workout days I found an app that I really liked also. This is the most interesting part for you crafters that have no time to loose 🙂

This app is called “Daily Workouts“. You can get the abs, cardio, butt workouts (among others) separately but with this you can workout your full body. When you begin workout you can choose how much time you want it to last: 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 minutes workout. I’ve done the 15 minutes workout and by the end of it I was ready to collapse on the nearest bed. Really! I believe making 10 or 15 minutes of these everyday would be enough to give you energy and strength. And for 10 minutes a day the “no time” is no excuse.

Since I started working out I feel much better and I sleep much better. I feel I can finally rest at night and I have much more energy during the day. I hope this post helped you in some way and don’t do like me and leave your health behind.





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