Life continues

So much happened since I last wrote on the blog. Last time I told you I was going on an adventure and I can say the adventure continues. I’m living with my hubby in Denmark now, and we have been very lucky, hubby got a job in just 2 months and we have lots of friends that have been helping us to stay here πŸ™‚

We are still between houses and not completely rested yet but I started to do handicrafts again. Yey! \o/

One of the things I’ve been making is tatted snowflakes…lots and lots of tatted snowflakes. I’m going to be selling them in a Xmas market in December and I want to be able to sell them in small packs of 5 or 10 and not only individually so I have to make plenty. And I’m also making some as brooches.

Needle tatted snowflakes for Xmas market

Besides that, I’ve been playing with needle felting. I was curious and started to have fun with it. Maybe I will end up putting some things for sale also.

My first needle felting project

Projects no. 2, 3 and 4. Octopus, deer and bear

Needle felted Cthulhus

My needle felted family

That’s it for now. And I won’t promise to write regularly any more, I’ve reach the conclusion that that’s a promise hard to keep ;P but I will try to post news and photos once in a while.


3 thoughts on “Life continues

  1. Diana says:

    Awesome!! I love them all. I missed your crafts. It’s good to know you’re back to them again πŸ˜€
    Now I feel tempted to try some needle felting (too bad I don’t have materials yet).

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