Shop Reopened

I finally settled down in the beautiful city of Hillerød. You can see my home in the picture 🙂 … I wish. OK I don’t live in the castle (by choice of course, too many rooms to clean). But I live near it, just have to go up the street.

Hillerød Castle

I’m still missing some things at home (like a bed…) but I got my crafty corner functional already. And I’ve been using my days to make new items and update things a little bit.

As you can see, the blog image different and I will probably change it again in the next days (not sure if I’m happy with some things yet). In the same way, I reopened and have been updating my Etsy shop. I changed some texts, including the shop announcement and policies and as you can see I changed the banner for this:

Now… what exactly are those funny little creatures?

They are my new product line and I will talk more about them in future posts.

I’ll still continue to do knitted and crochet items but these little creatures will also be available on the shop for you to take home. They are cute and have fluffy tails.

Over the next days you will be able to read more about them and see some preview pictures.


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