Meet the Mori Critters

As you know from a previous post, I will launch a new line of handmade items. They are the Mori Critters.

Mori Critters are creatures from the forest, they love nature and plants, and help to protect them. They are very shy and avoid being seen by humans. Maybe you have already heard a children say they saw something on a walk in the woods or a garden, but usually adults think they are just making stuff up with their wild imagination.

Well, I found some of these cute little critters on the forest and the good thing is that they agreed to go to lovely human homes so they can bring good luck to the humans, plants and pets of the house. At home they like to stand on a shelf or table, looking at a window or near flower pots.

In the forest, animals are used to this creatures and let them do their work without bothering them, but our pets are not use to them and they probably will want to pay with them. The problem is that now knowing that these creatures can be fragile, the pet can do them harm… as in… “send them to a better place”. So please, if you take one of these home don’t let the cat or dog get him, the critters may not resist a direct contact. Also, sometimes little kids can pull their arms and head or try to give them a bath (or know what is their taste) so I don’t recommend letting little kids play with them either.

And for the crafters that want to know more, I can tell you that these cute Mori Critters with fluffy tails are created by needle felting, and their little arms are made around a wire, which gives them some mobility. They measure approximately 6cm /2.3”. The Mori acorns don’t have the wire arms and their hat is made with an acorn cap.

They will start to reach the shop on November 18


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