Craft fair tips and ideas

Just 5 more days to the Julemarked at Middelaldercentret. I think this is a good time to show some tips and ideas for craft fairs.

Through the internet you can find many ideas for craft fair stands, displays and tags and lots of tips about how to arrange your stand in a customer friendly way and how to attract more customers. On this post I’m going to share only a few of the links that I find helpful but if you want to see more ideas you can check my “craft fair” board or my “packaging” board on Pinterest.

  • Craft Fair Vendor Sales Tips for your Display Booth – Here you will find tips of how your display should look in order to appeal to customers. It should be clean, your items should contrast from the background, you must have good lightning, among other things. And it even says how you can give a pleasant experience to your customers in other ways, for example through music and their sense of smell. Yes, smell.

  • Display ideas – If you’re like me and don’t participate regularly in craft fairs and don’t have a car to help you take your stuff, it’s obvious that you don’t want to spend lots of money in professional displays that will be a nightmare to transport. Fortunately, there are several ideas for simple displays that you can make yourself without spending too much money.


  • Price tags – Sometimes an uncomfortable subject for crafty sellers but very a important one


Hope this post gave you some nice ideas and don’t forget, always take business cards with you.


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