Vintage sewing machine

This post is especially for the sewing enthusiasts out there. If you’re like me, one thing that you immediately notice when you are in a flea market, second hand shop or antique shop, is old sewing machines, old looms, old bobbin lace pillows and stands… So you can imagine how I felt when I bought an old end of 19th century sewing machine.

I was happy not only because it’s a beautiful machine but because I knew the machine was working. Unfortunately I couldn’t find it’s brand and model, it looks like a Singer but in some parts is different from all the Singer models I found. I couldn’t find any more information about this particular machine, and it was my first time using a machine so old. Because of this, when I first used the machine, it felt like I was solving a puzzle. How do I wind the bobbin? How can I put it down there? Where is the thread suppose to go first? Can I fix the tension in this thing?

It was a fun challenge and I finally made it work. I was happy, it was working… although…it was so stiff. I had already put oil in a lot of places but still, it was so stiff that my arm was already hurting. Then suddenly I found a little spot that I forgot to oil. It was amazing!!! As soon as I put oil in that spot the machine was working like new. I didn’t had to do any strength pushing the handle! It was really amazing! So now you can imagine, I feel like I won the lottery. I got an old 19th century sewing machine for a nice price and that is working like new. What more could I want?

You can watch the movie and see it in action. And oh that lovely sound!  🙂



One thought on “Vintage sewing machine

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