Sad News

Just a quick post with some sad news.

Last week there was a fire and the apartment where I was living burned down. Fortunately no one was hurt and lots of our things weren’t burned. Our drawings and art supplies, hubby’s new bike, documents, those were OK. And the greatest miracle of all was that my 2 little mice (Frankie and Benjy) survived the fire. It was really amazing! I was convinced that I was just going to pick them up to buried them, when suddenly I saw movement on their nest. I was so happy. They are both alive and they don´t even have breathing problems.

But we still lost some things. We lost our computers, the antique sewing machine, I lost my Pullip doll and my mori critters… (So I guess the shop will be closed for some time.) And worse than that… We need to find another place to live. Fortunately we have friends that have been helping us with everything, but finding an apartment is not easy at all, so right now we are fighting to keep positive and not to become desperate.

We still have hope that better days will come. I will write again then.


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