LadyLamb – Part 1 – Than and Now

Hello everyone, I’m back and I though now would be a good time to tell you a little about LadyLamb – where it comes from and where I want it to go. This will be a 2 part topic, and I hope it’s not too boring 🙂

When I started with LadyLamb on Etsy it was just because I’m a crafts addict. Since I was knitting and crocheting as a hobby I could as well put the items online for sale, instead of just accumulating them at home. So the shop was really random and I didn’t had a consistent line of items.

Later I got more inspired by the Victorian Era and Steampunk fashion and focused more on crochet chokers and necklaces. This period was more consistent in terms of the kind of items I did, but it was still a hobby. I had a job and that didn’t left me much time to work on new designs and make a bigger quantity of items.

Then I moved to a different country with my husband. A backpack and a suitcase each and here we go. I had to leave the few item I had made behind, and we had months of adaptation in front of us so I had to close the store for some time. Already settled I was tempted to do some things to sell at a Christmas market, and since I was “playing” with needle felting, the Mori Critters were born. I still like them and I will probably do some more in the future but I have to admit that, although I enjoy needle felting, it’s just not my thing.

After that, there was the accident. I lost my place to live and among many other things the Mori Critters and Mori Accorns that I had done. So the shop was close again, indefinitely. I just opened it a few months later because I had a request for my online pattern of the Candy Cane gloves, and that’s the only thing that I have in the shop until now.

And that takes us to the present, but this post is already too long, so I will leave the rest for part 2. In part 2 I will tell you about my plans and how I would like to develop LadyLamb.


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